We are digital artistry

Data driven success with an artistic touch

We bring art to hard data. The current digital marketing landscape is very complicated and constantly changing. Mastering the strategy that defines our execution is more than just a skill - it is an art.

We are digital artistry

Data-Driven, With the
touch of an Artist.

What we do is a delicate balance between art and hard data. The current digital marketing landscape is very complicated and constantly changing. Mastering the strategy that defines our execution is more than just a skill - it is an art.

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Website Design

Trust me, You need this. I mean common. This is the first place your audience will go. Have some respect for them. Enuf Said..

Social Media

Hello? Cant, you see, I'm trying to tell you something. Why isn't my content working? = Wrong Audience. Don't Worry, will take the time to understand your target market and create content that's relevant to them. You won't be ignored..


You are starting this journey because you are so passionate about your idea and have a story you want to tell the world, BUT it's not easy to open up. Our team is here for you.

Digital Marketing

Traffic doesn’t just arrive at your website, its not New York City. Let us drive for this one.

Multi-faceted agency

When someone truly understands your vision and intention, why go somewhere else? We specialize in digital marketing, social media, website design and branding, but we can offer even more. We will package our services to fit your unique needs.

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  • Strategy
  • Execution & Management
  • Content Creation
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Analyzing & Reporting

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Battarix is the world’s first wallet-sized, patent-pending, single-use “SOS” mobile phone charger. As a startup with nothing more than a few sample products, they came to Digital Artistry requiring a complete marketing and branding solution. The project’s scope was massive- including everything from logo and tag line creation, typography, brand color palettes, package, and PDQ design, sales kits, brochures, an E-Commerce Website, buildout of all social media channels, as well as a complete Go-to-Market strategy.


LoopHQ is a SAAS web-based platform that brings together multiple user software programs such as Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Trello, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Canva into one unified dashboard. Although their technology is cutting edge and offers a highly desirable solution, their website lacked the visual and content punch needed to achieve sales conversion. Our design, development, copywriting, and animation teams worked seamlessly to create a clear, concise, powerful landing page infused with eye-catching visuals supported by short, witty copy and a dynamic animation video. The new website is a game-changer for LOOPHQ as it effectively engages its visitors and ultimately increases conversion rates.


Creve us a new offering of interior architectural elements that are inspired by the most coveted interior styles. Digital Artistry has been responsible for executing its mission. Some of these services would include strategy, design, digital marketing, video production and profile management.

Freeda Vitamin

Freeda Health is a very established vitamin company that caters to specific diets, such as the celiac community, vegetarians, kosher consumers, and diabetics. We created Freeda Health’s new shoppable website, created and managed @FreedaHealth on Instagram, created email templates, image renders, and print ads. We also performed their site migration and digital marketing tasks to bridge their old image into their new one.

Corner Office

Corner Office is a Co-Working space that has many different office solutions. Their clean aesthetic is represented on their interactive website. Having 3 locations and growing at a rapid pace, Corner Office had unique marketing needs. Digital Artistry is responsible for their stunning interactive website, Social Media Management. Video Production and several other marketing initiatives.

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starting from 495$
2 Social Platforms
Bi-weekly Report / Meetings
2 Posts per Week
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starting from 1250$
3 Social Platforms
Weekly Report / Meetings
3-4 Posts per Week
Profile Management
Content Creation
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starting from 2400$
4 Social Platforms
Anytime you want
Daily Post
Profile Management
Content Creation
Ad Campaigns
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The difference between success and failure is a great team.

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We work based on these values


We value transparency and open communication. Using platforms like Monday.com and client contracts assist us in making sure that all clients know what to expect and that projects run efficiently, NO HIDDEN FEES 😃


One-Stop Shop

Digital Artistry offers 360 solution marketing, which means we cover everything from traditional print ads to social media services to paid ads to branding. From the client onboarding, we will determine the skills best utilized for a project and delegate these services to our specialized team members.


Easily Accessible

Digital Artistry prides itself on having constant communication, Both the CEO and Account Executive are just a phone call or email away.


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"Digital Artistry knows where my business stands online, and enabled me to tailor my approach directly to my consumers"

Renee Muller
Internationally Acclaimed Stylist

"Thanks for the great service.  Marketing is exactly what our business has been lacking."

Fabio G.
PBA Stones, Brazil

" I would also like to say thank you to all your staff, You spent so much time understanding my goals! "

Keeley L.
AS DEals

"I started working with Digital Artistry and discovered early on how talented, hardworking, and effective they are. They are professional, reliable, and reasonable. They work hard to understand my needs and deliver great results, on-time, and within budget. They are a rare find and I highly recommend them to any business looking for a great team."

Issac Schulman
Dr. Bo

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